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Main features of MEET series conference phone The sample audio bridge between PC applications and analog telephone, a kind of teleconference service that combines PSTN audio and computer data, provide quality ensurance for Multi-party call. USB interface for PC connection, can satisfied all the requirements of software-based video conference, specific buttons for microphone selection.
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Product Name:AUCTOPUS-USB I-25 (Updated Version for I-20) Product Type:Conference Microphone Speaker Interface:USB 2.0 (full) , 3.5mm Audio out
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Product Name: AUCTOPUS BT-30W

Product Type: Conference Microphone Speaker

Interface: USB 2.0 (full) , 3.5mm in/out
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Product Name: AUCTOPUS-USB I-32W

Product Type: Wireless Speaker Phone

Interface: USB 2.0 (full) , 3.5mm Audio out
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AUCTOPUS-PSTN voice network standard audio conference call omnidirectional wheat radius of 4 meters octopus 360 black pickup Under the hot models stand-alone conference call by 150 and then donated the recorder for an area of 40 flat audio conference system
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