Bảng tương tác (All-in-one)
Giải pháp không dây tiết kiệm không gian. Bảng tương tác được tích hợp module máy tính mini có cấu hình cao, tích hợp bộ speakers và các thiết bị không dây khác.
Tạo lên môi trường làm việc chuyên nghiệp.
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Module Pictures

                 Wireless Module                                                                   Speakers

                     Built-in PC


1. Saving the space greatly.
2. Decreasing the troublesome of installing equipment.
3. Adopting one-click operating method, which starts all equipments.
4. It is convenient to move the board, at the same time it also moves the pc, audio box and wireless equipment.
5. With the function of audio. You needn’t deploy the audio box. The board itself is a audio box, and the sound effect is excellent.
6. Built-in PC. It has the function of pc, small volume and light weight. Even though it is integrated with the board, it won’t increase the volume and weight. And it is low consumption and low noise. 
7. Built-in wireless equipment.
8. Hiding all lines behind the board. The overall is quite beautiful.
9. The integrated pc, audio box and wireless equipment are compatible to all size of board.
10. You needn’t purchase the separate parts so that you can reduce the cost greatly.
Of course, traditional whiteboard can realize the same function with all in one machine when it is connected to PC, audio box and wireless equipment. But we will find that too many lines which are big and small, long or short and the parts are also scattered and occupy much space, which will affect the whole equipment’s aesthetic. But all in one machine is different from the last one. You won’t see many lines. Because all the machine are connected together and you just need one power cord and open the pc, then you can use it.



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