4–Inch, 2–Way Open–Back Ceiling Speakers Kramer Galil 4-CO
Kramer Galil 4-CO 4–Inch, 2–Way Open–Back Ceiling Speakers
Woofer — 4"
Tweeter — 0.5"
Impedance — 8Ω
Freq Response — 60Hz to 20kHz
2 Speakers (1 Pair)
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  • The Galil 4−CO is a pair of two−way, open−back, 8Ω speakers designed for mounting in the ceiling. The speakers feature a multi−tap power transformer for selecting 8Ω or 70V/100V power settings suitable for array installation.
  •  Type — 2–way coaxial speaker.

  •  Woofer — 4" polypropylene cone.

  •  Tweeter — 0.5” Mylar dome.

  •  Frequency Response — 80Hz to 20kHz@ ±3dB.

  •  Impedance — 8Ω.

  •  Power Handling — 15W RMS, 40W continuous program.

  •  Transformer Taps — 70V: 15W/7.5W/3.7W/Off (Lo–Z); 100V: 15W/7.5W/Off (Lo–Z).

  •  Package Includes — 2 speakers (1 pair), cutout template and user manual.

  •  Mounting Bracket (Optional) — SKIC–4.


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