Android Digital Signage Player DigiJupiter DJP-E10
Thiết bị thông tin quảng cáo Android Digital Signage Player DigiJupiter DJP-E10
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  • 28nm-process made main chipset is high-performance and low-power
  • HDMI/VGA/AV interfaces are provided for access of various displays with a resolution up to 1080p
  • Support LAN, WIFI and 3G networks., as well as standalone mode
  • Work well with Digi-Jupiter GTV, ADPE and EzPoster content management system, fitting projects of any scale
  • Capable of running multiple playlists as scheduled, with seamless transitions between videos and images, full-screen and split-screen displays.
  • Supports background music playback while displaying HD images
  • Supports display of scroll text, date, time, weather and LOGO
  • With intelligent scheduling, contents can be played on a loop, at a specified time or idle hours, or as instant break-ins.
  • Support network time and synchronization playback
  • Contents can be updated remotely, or imported or read directly from a USB disk on site
  • Player operations such as adjusting playback volume, changing display screen, reboot, sleep and wake can be completed remotely with just one click
  • Playback and operation logs will be recorded and upload to the management system.
  • Auto timed on/off in multiple periods enables unattended operation
  • Both vertical and horizontal displays are supported
  • Support split-screen zones for web access and touch interaction Support multi-touch screens




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