MEET series conference phone
Main features of MEET series conference phone The sample audio bridge between PC applications and analog telephone, a kind of teleconference service that combines PSTN audio and computer data, provide quality ensurance for Multi-party call. USB interface for PC connection, can satisfied all the requirements of software-based video conference, specific buttons for microphone selection.
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conference phone

Two types of MEET series conference bridge for customers to choose


AUCTOPUS-MEET NON-EX ,display----LCD screen, no expansion microphone, can integrate with PSTN

AUCTOPUS-MEET EX, display----LCD screen,2 expansion microphones, can integrate with PSTN


Features of MEET series conference bridge


1.      Portable, ease of operation, USB interface plug and play, no need of extra driver, 

support MS XP/Vista/WIN 7/ WIN 8,etc, operating system.

2.      A combination of video conference and audio conference, realize three party conference.

3.      Build-in echo canceller, high audio quality speaker, microphone with high automatic gain 

control function, enable conference participants to talk free.

4.      Expansion microphone for option to expand the microphone pickup range, each equipment

 have 90 square meter coverage.

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